Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Entry One 3-22-02

I'd thought I'd start with the an entry that was made a year ago on this date:

I had a pretty fun night last night. I went out partying with a zombie I went to college with. We were complaining about how this damn cotton blight is making clothing so damned expensive. Just a t-shirt is the price of diamonds.

She told be that her DIY, punk rock ethic has served her well. She doesn't have to worry about buying cotton because she raises sheep purely for thier yarn. And she uses the yarn to make all sorts of clothing. She told me that the following website taught her a lot: yarn.

She's making good money too. Yuppies everywhere are willing to fork over a lot of money for, not only handmade sweater, but for, handmade sweaters with homegrown yarn.


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