Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday March 15, 2006. Secret number one.

Like I promised, I'll share some secrets that were mistakingly told to me by a U.S. government agent while I comatosed:

Secret number one:

An incredible species of aliens have been discovered on the planet, unknown to most, Blurbahoevnick.

Now, what makes these aliens so incredible is the way they bare children. It's almost the completely reverse of humans reproduction.

See, unlike Earthlings, the way Blurbahoenickans create children is very, very painful. And, still, unlike Earthlings, giving birth is very pleasurable. Birth is really, to them, as pleasurable as sex.

Now one would think that this is the perfect recipe fo overpopulation. But the pain of "sex" is so incredible that only people that really want offspring are willing to experience the pain.


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