Tuesday, April 18, 2006

4-18-06 My daughter saved your life [a true story]

Hello Gentle Readers,

I'm super glad that I still have some gentle readers. You can all thank my daughter that you're still alive to read this blog.

See, even though you're probably unaware, Humans/Earthlings almost became an extinct species. But my smart, brave, and cunning daughter, Veronica, saved the day.

It all went down like this:

Far away on planet Kinipseewahlah, lived a humanoid species of Kinipseewahlans. Unlike what people believe aliens are like, Kinipseewahlans aren't very scientifically advanced.

Kinipseewahlah is a very flamable planet. And "wildfires'' that've lasted months are well documented.

One day, a fire got inside of a Kinipseewahlan cave and made it's way toward the center of the planet.

News of this was broadcasted across the universe. "Save the Kinipseewahlans!" became the mantra for alot of Earthlings.

However, a very pretty little girl named Veronica was more interested in saving the Kinipseewahlan cats [A.K.A. CATSeewahlahns]. She was lucky enough to be homeschooled, so she told her Dad that she'd like to build some sort of space rocket type thing.

Dad let out a faint laugh. He remembered being the same age and building things like what his daughter wanted to build. So he said, "Why, of course sweety pie. We'll go get some materials right away."

She was going to use the home made rocket to fly off to Kinipseewahlah and save the CATSeewalahns.

It didn't take long to build due to Veronica's perserverence. It sat in the backyard waiting to be launched. Dad would periodically look at it and smile, impressed with his daughter's perserverence and brilliance. See, she did most of the work herself. Dad was too scared of hammering himself on the finger or getting a sliver.

After supper that night, Veronica told her parents that she was going to sleep outside in the tent. So she got the green tent from the basement and set it up outside, in the backyard.

She came back inside yawning, and said, "Well, mom and dad, I'm getting really tired. I think I'm going to go to sleep."

Dad looked at his watch and said, "You must be really tired. It's only eight o'clock."

Veronica laughed and said humorously, "It must've been all that partying I did last night!"

Mom and Dad laughed at her joke, and both said, "Goodnight."



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